The management of Biotech Silicates B.V. consists of Gerard van Noort, Mark Heijmeijer and Alexander Kuperman.


Gerard van Noort – married to Mascha and father of 4 children – is CEO of BioTech Silicates B.V. and a real entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur he is very experienced in setting up and managing a company. As physicist Gerard is fascinated by electromagnetic fields and he also considers the mission of our company as his personal mission. He is proud to take up the general management of our company.


Mark Heijmeijer –married to Luz Estela and father of 2 children – is marketing and sales manager of BioTech Silicates B.V. He has a degree in international marketing and worked for 20 years in several international marketing positions. Since 2008 he has been working with Alexander Kuperman to expand their company Shielding Technologies. In this period Mark has learnt a lot about electromagnetic fields, their potential health effects and the existing shielding possibilities. Next to that he knows the market for our kind of products very well. Marketing and sales are Mark’s main activities and next to that he is responsible for logistics.


Alexander Kuperman – father of 5 children – studied electro mechanics and electro technology and worked many years in the maintenance of military air planes. Alex has become an expert in electromagnetic fields, their potential health effects and the different possibilities of protection against these fields.

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