Our mission is to contribute to a safe use of wireless devices that create non-natural electromagnetic fields. Scientific research has already shown that the man-made electromagnetic fields of these devices can cause negative effects on our health.

Natural radiation
In accordance with Darwin’s theory of evolution over billions of years, life on our planet has adjusted itself to the environment and circumstances on earth. Numerous conditions have made our planet suitable for life. And our living environment has been determined by physical and chemical characteristics like water, molecular compositions, temperature, electromagnetic waves and charged particles. Also the radiation present in the atmosphere is an essential component of the mix that has led to life as we know it.

Man-made radiation
During the last 20 years we have seen an enormous increase in the use of electronic equipment which exchanges wireless information through a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The most important examples of this kind of equipment are mobile phones and WiFi. Extensive research has shown now that the radiation emitted by this kind of equipment may affect biochemical reactions which can lead to health complaints like sleep disorder, memory loss, loss of concentration, stress and more. These complaints have already been recognized by law in Sweden and the World Health Organization has classified this kind of radiation as possibly carcinogenic.

After more than 10 years of research into the physical principles and product applications to neutralize health effects caused by man-made electromagnetic radiation, BioTech Silicates B.V. has discovered silicate minerals that are effective against the harmful radiation of wireless devices.

Our research has shown that people who are sensitive for electromagnetic radiation (the so-called electrohypersensitives) react positively to the silicate minerals which we discovered and sold under the brand LIFE RHYTHM. As the biological research was done internally by ourselves we are not allowed to use these results for a medical claim that our products improve people’s health. However, our clients find the results of the internal research convincing and confirm positive effects of our invention on their well being. In the near future and in co-operation with universities we will set up clinical research in order to enable us to validate a medical claim.

We will continue to invest in knowledge and research into the issues of radiation of wireless devices related to health. We will also continue to develop more products enabling the safe use of wireless technology. Until then we recommend you to switch off wireless devices if you are not using them. In several countries this issue gets more priority on the political agenda. In Belgium, for example, sales of mobile phones to children under the age of 12 are forbidden.

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