Discovery mineral

The World Health Organization and several governments are using warnings related to safety issues for the exposure of non ionizing radiation emitted by electronic and electric equipment.

Together with co-inventors, the Dutch inventor Hans Geesink has developed a mineral that is able to reduce/prevent biological effects caused by “non thermal non ionizing radiation”. The invention is unique in the world, because it is one of the first solutions worldwide to neutralize effects of non ionizing radiation based upon double blind tests, physical measurements and a physical model. It is already known that electromagnetic fields of power lines and mobile phones can influence biological processes in living organisms, while research about health effects is systematically undertaken.

We propose that man-made non ionizing radiation disturbs natural resonances. Material science has been directed during 12 years to restore biological effects of well-being (headache, tiredness, drowsiness, stress, loss of concentration, depressive tendencies, difficulty in concentrating, chronic fatigue, feelings of discomfort). A silicate mineral has been discovered in our laboratories and it has been shown that well-being and fitness of 40 test-persons negatively influenced by “non thermal non ionizing radiation” can be restored by applying this mineral in emitting devices. The mineral is in the class of functionalized silicate minerals, of which is already known that it has a positive influence on biopolymers. The mineral emits quantum resonances mainly in the far infrared spectrum, also called terahertz, and is able to remotely control biologically active elements, through the interaction with photons and electrons. The mineral has been applied invisibly in mobile phones, and in the near future it will be applied in emitting antennae and in all kinds of wireless applications to restore well-being attacked by the radiation of these applications.

We would like to propose “a quantum model about coherence”, in which terahertz resonances are central frequencies. It is based upon the principle that natural resonances are coherent and embedded in lower and higher frequencies, and that they are responsible for our well-being, while man-made electromagnetic waves disturb these coherent waves. The model shows that the mineral is able to make man-made electromagnetic fields compatible with the natural back ground field. In quantum electrodynamics the background sea of quantum energy (the field) is used to explain the uncertainty principle that was discovered by quantum physics. The mineral offers extremely low energetic coherent multiple quantum resonances, and positioned near man-made EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) emitters keeps natural resonances coherent. Typical quantum resonances of the mineral are at characteristic FIR (far infrared), also called Terahertz, and are related to longitudinal waves. Longitudinal waves play a role in plasma resonances, while the mechanism of plasma wave generation is similar to longitudinal waves known in the acoustic generation. The waves are vortex like, are able to form structure, propagate in space for reason of their particle nature and is now used as a tool to neutralize negative biological effects caused by “non thermal non ionizing radiation”. Biological matter like neurons, microtubulins, RNA and DNA are probably able to recognize these resonances of man-made electromagnetic fields and resonances of the natural field, while resonances of natural ionic clathrates may play an important role. The invention is in line with the research carried out by:

– Phytagoras in 495 BC.
– J. Rydberg in 1888.
– D. Bohm in 1951.
– H. Fröhlich in 1960.
– E. Del Giudice in 1968.
– K.H. Illinger in 1977.
– S. Avakyan in 2008.
– K. Johnson in 2012.

  • Rydberg: Rydberg atoms are highly excited atoms with one valence electron of principal quantum number n >>1 and are very susceptible to external electro-magnetic fields. At sufficiently high principal quantum numbers, an excited electronic core system will have the general character of a hydrogenic system and the energy levels will follow the Rydberg formula.
  • Bohm: An electron is understood to be a set of enfolded ensembles, which are generally not localized in space. At any given moment, one of these ensembles may be unfolded and localized, and the next moment, this one enfolds and is replaced by another that unfolds. If this process continues in a rapid and regular fashion in which each unfoldment is localized adjacent to the previous one, it gives the appearance of continuous motion of a particle, to which we humans have given the name electron. Yet there is no isolated particle, and its apparent continuous motion is an illusion generated by the rapid and regular sequence of unfoldings.
  • Fröhlich: If the system can resonate at certain frequencies, then it can increase the degree of its coherence. Since fluctuations of matter are related with fluctuations of the electromagnetic field and vice versa, the ecosystem turns out to be essentially a non-linear non-local system, which is governed by negentropy. In the framework of quantum electrodynamics (QED) ions dissolved in water play an important role.
  • Del Giudice: He has discussed the influences of quantum resonances, and the long range coherence and energy storage in biological systems. Biological systems are expected to have a branch of electric modes in a frequency region between 10^11 and 10^12 sec−1, so at and near terahertz frequencies. The ions dissolved in water are not in a gaseous state, but settle in a coherent configuration, where they perform plasma oscillations in resonance with a coherent electromagnetic field.
  • Illinger: Whether or not coherent electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter wave and in the far infrared region can effectively pump molecules in or out of the metastable state(s) linked to collective biochemical reactions is a question of importance.
  • Avakyan: The natural microwave radio-emission have the resonances at the spectral frequemcies 10^9-10^10 Hz of biological cells, membranes, DNA, RNA, hemoglobin, erythrocytes, and this fact can explain the extremely small threshold for influence of ionospheric radio-emission at the monochromatic (characteristic) Rydberg transitions on biological objects.
  • Johnson: The “restructuring” or clustering of water molecules may determine biological cell architecture. “Rydberg” orbitals in water molecules play a role. And coupling of “hydrated-electron” orbitals to the THz vibrations promotes such water clusters as vibronically active “structured water” essential to biomolecular function such as protein folding.
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